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Nak Tumpang Duduk-duduk di Sini Boleh???

Nak Tumpang Duduk-duduk di Sini Boleh???
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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Ex-CCID Chief to Contest Under PAS Banner

Zefry Dahalan | April 20, 2012 
PAS is celebrating the entry of cops and artistes into its realm in preparation for the 13th general election.
SEREMBAN: PAS is set to field former Commercial Crimes Investigations Department (CCID) director, Ramli Yusuff, as its candidate in the most anticipated 13th general election (GE) speculated to be held soon.

PAS vice-president, Sallahuddin Ayub, announced this last night at a ceramah organised by the party in Seremban.

“I met Ramli two days ago and we had a very long discussion. If everything goes well we are prepared to field him as our candidate in the coming 13th GE. He himself is willing to be fielded as PAS candidate as well, ” Sallahuddin said.

He said three of Rahim’s cases in court have been settled with one more pending.

“There is one more case regarding the claim of his outstanding salary and allowances since the day of his suspension.

“He told me that once he gets all the dues he will use the money to build a mosque in his hometown in Kelantan,” he said.

Sallahuddin also said that another former senior police officer, Fauzi Shaari, had also agreed to contest under the PAS banner in the coming election.

Cops and celebrities

He said that the presence of former high-ranking police officers in the party would definitely strengthen the party and boost the morale of its members and supporters.

Sallahuddin also said that more artistes are joining the party and this augured well among the youngsters.

“Recently former 80s and 90s popular singer Aishah took centre stage when she joined PAS. Another 80s singer Dayang Ku Intan has also agreed to take to the stage at PAS ceramah.

“Attracting artistes and former police officer is a good sign for PAS and indicates that it is well received by all parties including Chinese and Indians”, Sallahuddin told the 500-strong crowd, who responded with “Allahu Akhbar”.

Aishah was a once a lead singer in “Aishah and The Fan Club” band which was based in New Zealand.

She later returned home and recorded her all time hit song “Janji Manismu”. It went on to win her many awards including “Juara Lagu” in 1990.

Dayang Ku Intan was a hit in the 80s with the song “Semakin Rindu Semakin Sayang”.

Sallahuddin for Johor

Meanwhile, Sallahuddin also confirmed last night that he is not defending the Kubang Kerian parliamentary seat in the 13th GE.

“I can confirm tonight that I will come back to my home state and contest in Johor this time.

“The issue of who will become the menteri besar is not important. That is second thing. What is important is to win as many seats as possible.

“Umno is telling that my returning to Johor is just rumours and that I will be bashed in Johor as Johor is an Umno stronghold.

“Tonight I would like to stress that I’m not scared of (Umno) and I will contest in Johor as ‘Anak Jantan’,” he said to a rousing “Allahu Akbar”.

He, however, refused to commit to which state or parliamentary seat he is eyeing to contest.

But FMT learnt from PAS insiders that Sallahuddin may contest in Batu Pahat, Pontian or Tanjung Piai parliamentary constituency or in any of the state seats in these areas.

Currently Deputy Education Minister Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi (Umno-BN) is the Batu Pahat MP.

Pontian is held by Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Ahmad Maslan (Umno-BN), and Tanjung Piai is under Youth and Sports Deputy Minster, Wee Jeck Seng (MCA-BN).

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